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The Three Mistakes of My Life- Book Review

The Three Mistakes Of My Life
by Chetan Bhagat

This is one of the best books of "the biggest selling  English language novelist in India's history". This one is far more believable (comparing to the call from God in the One Night @ the Call Center..!)with characters whom anybody can just relate to.

The story starts with the usual- an epilogue in which Chetan meets Govind, a young businessman who was saved from attempted suicide and lies in a hospital bed in Ahmedabad, thousands of miles away from Singapore, where Chetan was living when he got the suicide note from Govind.. (Oh Govind ! of all the people on this earth, Chetan Bhagat is the person whom you thought was the right guy to read your suicide note...?!) Chetan gets curious and wants to listen to his story, which of course later comes out as 'The Three Mistakes Of My Life'.

To any ordinary Indian, what shapes their lives is mainly- Politics, Cricket and Bollywood. And in the Three Mistakes of My Life, it revolves around the same- but this time, thankfully, it hasn't got anything to do with Bollywood, instead Religion Comes to the scene. The novel talks about friendship, passion and destiny.
The story is narrated by Govind, underlining the three major mistakes that he committed in his life. Govind is already a small star in his 'pol'- because he excelled in his board exams and has earned the "he is a good boy" impression from his neighbors and aunts and uncles of his locality. He aspires to become a businessman rather than an engineering graduate whom his struggling mother wants him to be. 

Ishaan and Omi are Govind's best friends. Ish is a cricket aficionado who was an ex- district level cricket player and a local cricketing star. He, along with Govind and Omi, puts in great effort to start up a sports shop in their colony- they mainly depend upon Indian Victories in the cricket matches to peak their sales rate. Ish usually mans the shop, and as a marketing strategy, provides free  tips on cricket to their customers. One day, Ish comes across a twelve year old boy- Ali. Ish was devastated by the level in which Ali smashed sixers off every ball that Ish produced. He soon finds out that Ali is the future of Indian Cricket. He takes up the poor muslim boy to give cricket coaching for free. The story unfolds to tell that the three friends pool in their hard earned money into taking Ali to Australia for training.

In the meantime, Govind balances between taking math tuition and running their shop and slowly venturing out to expand their sports shop. Govind also happens to take math tuition to Vidya, who is Ish's sister.
But naughty Vidya, falls in love with her math teacher. Barely gotten into her teens, Vidya shares intimate relationship with her brother's best buddy. Only Omi gets to know about their relationship, and warns Govind about the consequences.In the process, Govind also breaks the unspoken Indian rule- that you never hit upon your best friend's sister!

The story moves on with intense political drama with elections and campaigning  between the two main parties Gujarat at the backdrop. It also showcases the two unforgettable incidents in the history of  Gujarat- The Bhuj earthquake in 2001 and the communal riots which occurred in 2002. These two incidents leave a huge impact in the lives of the trio.

While I was halfway through the book, I came across the trailer of a movie when I was simply lazing around on my couch. At first I couldn't catch the title of the Hindi movie trailer. It had a shocking resemblance to what I was reading at that moment. But only after googling it did I understood that it was the film adaptation of the 'The Three Mistakes Of My Life'. 
'Kai Po Che'-  which literally refers to a triumphant yell in Gujarati is the title of the movie.

 I hope 'Kai Po Che' turns out more like  the blockbuster movie 'Three Idiots' rather than the "lack- lustre" --'Hello' !. The trailer of the movie looks quite promising, lets hope the movie is as exciting as its title sounds. 
Will Abhishek Kapoor be able to yell "KAI PO CHE" once the movie reaches the box-office..??!

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